Where to Go for The Best Views in London


London is synonymous with Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and 10 Downing Street, amongst a whole list of famous landmarks. If you are staying in one of London’s vacation apartments you will want to take in as much as possible. With such a well-known skyline, a birds-eye view of the capital is a must. Get up high to see the breathtaking views of the city.

The Shard
One of the highest and best views of London can be found at The View from The Shard. At 40 miles high, the viewing platforms are approximately twice the height of others in the city and you will have a perfect 360-degree vista to wow you. You have to book your viewing experience and once you have ascended to the dizzying heights you are free to enjoy the sights of London for as long as you like.

The London Eye
Climb aboard a pod on The London Eye for spectacular views of London, there are particularly good view of Westminster and St Paul’s. At 135m high The London Eye holds the title for the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel and has been extremely popular for those wanting to gain a view over the capital since its launch in 2000. With over 85 awards under its belt it’s not only popular but also acclaimed and offers you a slowly rotating view of what London has to offer.

Vertigo 42
This is not just a bar, this is London’s highest champagne bar. Champagne and some of the finest views in London? Oh – go on then! You will find Vertigo 42 at the top of Tower 42 (one of the highest towers in London) and you can see some of the most famous landmarks while sipping a cool flute of champagne, a fine wine or an exotic cocktail. Vertigo 42 also offer a delicious tapas menu (savouring the views of the city can be hungry work). You will need to make a reservation, with views like this, the bar gets very full, very quickly.


The O2
If you are feeling a little active you could always go for a climb and check out the view from the top of the O2. Up at the O2 is a guided ninety-minute expedition that takes you up on the roof. You get to see the skyline and Canary Wharf in all its glory and not just that, it’s fun and you get to feel like a bit of a daredevil! There are all sorts of climbs available to book from the original expedition that allows you to see landmarks up to 15 miles away, to the Twilight Expedition, a nerve-tingling climb in the dark where you will experience the bright lights of busy night-time London.

See the views from more than one perspective and check out the views from all four. The perfect way to see the whole of the city from up high! If you are staying in one of the London vacation apartments, head back and take some time to digest all of the fabulous photographs you have taken.


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