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This list represents only a sample of our complete portfolio of London holiday apartments at A Place Like Home. We have selected below our best, most luxurious apartments to assist you in making your unique choice.

Price Band Summary (all rents are per week)

A £650 - £989 B £990 - £1516
C £1517 - £2314 D £2315 - £3995
E £3996 +
L366 Brompton Park Crescent, SW6Studio2AFulham
L198 Cliveden House, SW1WStudio2ABelgravia
L363 Daver Court, SW3Studio2AChelsea
L362 Nell Gwynn House, SW3Studio2AChelsea
L99 Nell Gwynn House, SW3Studio2AChelsea
L401 New Kings Road, SW6Studio2AFulham
L199 York House, SW3Studio2AChelsea
L25 Brechin Place, SW712ASouth Kensington
L38 Cadogan Place, SW112CKnightsbridge
L125 Cadogan Street, SW312BChelsea
L44 Callow Street, SW312ASouth Kensington
L26 Coleherne Road, SW1012BEarls Court
L300 Collingham Road, SW512BSouth Kensington
L97 Cranley Gardens, SW712ASouth Kensington
L303 Cranmer Court, SW312BChelsea
L185 Draycott Place, SW312BChelsea
L45 Earls Terrace, W812AKensington
L405 Egerton Gardens, SW712BKnightsbridge
L338 Elm Park Gardens, SW1012AChelsea
L182 Elm Park Gardens, SW1012AChelsea
L419 Foskett Road, SW613AFulham
L346 Harrington Gardens, SW712AKensington
L374 Ifield Road, SW1012BChelsea
L414 Lee House, SW1012AChelsea
L46 Lower Sloane Street, SW112CChelsea
L89 Marloes Road, W812AKensington
L395 Meriden Court, SW312AChelsea
L420 Moreton Place, SW1V12APimlico
L203 Nell Gwynn House, SW312AChelsea
L24 Onslow Gardens , SW712BSouth Kensington
L81 Oakley Street, SW312BChelsea
L328 Oakley Street, SW312AChelsea
L252 Old Brompton Road, SW512ASouth Kensington
L327 Ongar Road, SW612AFulham
L51 Ovington Square, SW312AKnightsbridge
L132 Palace Gardens Terrace, W813BKensington
L250 Palace Gate, W812AKensington
L154 Pont Street, SW1X12BKnightsbridge
L302 St Albans Grove, W812BKensington
L165 St Georges Square, SW1V12BPimlico
L415 Stanhope Mews South, SW7 12ASouth Kensington
L178 Wetherby Gardens, SW512BSouth Kensington
L371 Whitelands House, SW312AChelsea
L 408 Coleherne Mews, SW1024CEarls Court
L376 Abingdon Road, W824CKensington
L417 Airlie Gardens, W824CKensington
L212 Alderney Street, SW1V24APimlico
L421 Anhalt Road, SW1124BBattersea
L249 Beauchamp Place, SW324CKnightsbridge
L388 Britannia Road, SW623BFulham
L229 Brompton Park Crescent, SW624BFulham
L42 Bullingham Mansions, W824CKensington
L19 Chapelside, W224CNotting Hill
L393 Charlwood Street, SW1V24APimlico
L214 Chelsea Embankment, SW323CChelsea
L318 Cheniston Gardens, W824CKensington
L342 Chesham Street, SW123CBelgravia
L398 Cheyne Court, SW324CChelsea
L396 Coleherne Road, SW1025BChelsea
L355 Colville Gardens, W1124BNotting Hill
L95 Cornwall Gardens, SW723BSouth Kensington
L311 Cranley Gardens, SW724CSouth Kensington
L416 Deepdene Mansions, SW625BFulham
L201 Dover Street, W1X24CMayfair
L304 Drayton Gardens, SW1024CChelsea
L180 Earls Court Square, SW523BChelsea
L364 Eccleston Square, SW124CPimlico
L217 Elizabeth Street, SW1W23BBelgravia
L405 Elm Park Gardens, SW1024CChelsea
L394 Elm Park Gardens, SW1023BChelsea
L373 Elm Park Mansions, SW1024AChelsea
L351 Fawcett Street, SW1024DChelsea
L105 Fitzclarence House, W1123BHolland Park
L179 Hornton Street, W824BKensington
L227 Kensington Heights, W824BKensington
L35 Lancaster Lodge, W1124BNotting Hill
L350 Lexham Gardens, W824CKensington
L32 Lindsay House, SW724BSouth Kensington
L91 Manson Mews, SW724CSouth Kensington
L247 Embankment Gardens , SW324CChelsea
L269 Onslow Gardens, SW724DSouth Kensington
L359 Onslow Square, SW724DSouth Kensington
L409 Cornwall Crescent , W1124BNotting Hill
L413 Rosary Gardens , SW7 24BSouth Kensington
L372 Palace Gardens Terrace, W825CKensington
L100 Pond Place, SW324BChelsea
L88 Portland Road, W1124BHolland Park
L418 Pursers Cross Road, SW625BParsons Green
L387 Radley Mews, W824CKensington
L339 Ranelagh House, SW324CChelsea
L224 Ranelagh House, SW324CChelsea
L389 Regency Court, SW1P 24CPimlico
L255 Roland Gardens, SW723CSouth Kensington
L241 Ropers Orchard, SW324CChelsea
L169 Rosary Gardens, SW724BSouth Kensington
L316 Rowan Lodge, W824CKensington
L54 Royal Avenue, SW324CChelsea
L291 Shelley Court, SW323BChelsea
L349 Sloane Gardens, SW123CChelsea
L411 St Georges Square, SW1V24BPimlico
L320 Stanley Gardens, W1123BNotting Hill
L152 The Lodge, W1123CKensington
L410 The Tower, SW824DVauxhall
L193 Thurloe Close, SW723CSouth Kensington
L358 Thurloe Court, SW323BSouth Kensington
L184 Thurloe Square, SW723CSouth Kensington
L238 Westgate Terrace, SW1024BChelsea
L301 York House, SW324BChelsea
L360 Abbotsbury Road, W1436DHolland Park
L377 Abingdon Road, W835DKensington
L277 Adam and Eve Mews, W835CKensington
L386 Bywater Street, SW335DChelsea
L211 Cadogan Court, SW336EChelsea
L381 Charles II Place, SW335EChelsea
L322 Charles II Place, SW334DChelsea
L313 Cheyne Court, SW336DChelsea
L307 Cresswell Gardens, SW536DEarls Court
L298 Drayton Gardens, SW1036DChelsea
L400 Eccleston Mews, SW1X35DBelgravia
L348 Ifield Road, SW1035CChelsea
L334 Manning House, W1135BNotting Hill
L343 Margaretta Terrace, SW335DChelsea
L293 Montpelier Walk, SW736DKnightsbridge
L15 Ovington Court, SW335CKnightsbridge
L253 Peel Street, W836DKensington
L321 Queensborough Terrace, W236CNotting Hill
L310 Roland Gardens, SW735DSouth Kensington
L02 Ropers Orchard, SW336CChelsea
L110 Rosary Gardens, SW735DKensington
L404 St James's Gardens, W1136CHolland Park
L340 Stanhope Terrace, W236DNotting Hill
L200 Abingdon Road, W847EKensington
L406 Anhalt Road, SW1147DBattersea
L361 Spear Mews , SW5410EEarls Court
L222 Shawfield Street, SW347DChelsea
A Place Like Home are experienced providers of high quality London holiday apartments and short term apartment rental in London, UK